Audience Comments


What People Are Saying…

“With gratitude for bringing us Bella’s words.”
Gloria Steinem

“I was so truly impressed with your show tonight. Thank you for answering the call to educate, entertain and awe your audiences doing this important work, sharing these remarkable facts about these incredible trailblazing women. Thanks Amy – You pulled it off! Great work!”
Ellen Dubois, UCLA History Professor and renowned Women’s History author “Through Women’s Eyes, Unequal Sisters, Feminism and Suffrage

“Amy Simon’s one-woman show was perfect for League of Women Voters Pasadena Area…laced with humor throughout; this fast-paced performance is packed with information and kept the audience engaged throughout. Nearly half our audience was college students and they loved it, too. Kudos for putting together this important chronicle of women’s suffrage in the U.S.”
Monica Hubbard – League Of Women Voters

“I thought it was very inspirational, “It shows how far women have come and it’s hard to even imagine a time when women were not allowed to vote.”
Rep. Judy Chu – Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California’s 32nd district the first ever Chinese-American female elected to congress

“Great show Amy – informative, engaging, inspiring!”
Paula J. Caplan, Harvard University

“You have brought the courage and brilliance of our fore sisters alive…”
Martha Wheelock, Women’s History Professor, Harvard Westlake, Los Angeles

…she was fantastic—we were very pleased. We had an audience of 89 (a nice mix of teens and adults), and everyone appeared enthralled…
Melissa Elliott – Burbank Library

I LOVED your show. The amount of information that you brought forth in such an entertaining way is astonishing…you wrote it brilliantly and performed it delightfully.
Barbara Schroeder, Emmy Award-Winning journalist and documentary filmmaker

“I have never seen the students more engaged!”
David Foldvary, middle school history teacher, Horace Mann, Beverly Hills

Amy Simon’s one-woman show called “She’s History” was wonderful to watch. It was so informative and presented in a very creative way. It’s not to be missed. We all need to be reminded of what past women have done to liberate the women of today. It inspires us to continue this trend.
Gloria Burney, President of VistaVal section of National Council of Jewish Women

So many things I took away…so entertaining…. felt so proud to be a woman…so worthwhile the way you wove it all together into something so meaningful.
Wanda Kienzle, U.S. Army MWR, Old Fort Bliss Museum

You were awesome. I am now really interested in Women’s History.
Emma age 13

Thank you for the enlightening show. Better than 20 years of school…

Thanks for putting into three lively dimensions the women who I can only pay tribute to in my Facebook History posts!
David Dismore – Ms. Magazine

I loved it. As a man, we should all see this show.
Damion S.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Great script – Fantastic Performance. Looking forward to your next production! Thanks for bringing this to us here in San Diego.
Marti K.

I am so moved and inspired by your words today (and your energy). Thank you so much for your incredible work regarding women!
Gratefully, Judy W.

Terrific show! I’ve long been interested in women’s history even though I’m male. Wish it could’ve gone on twice as long with more of your wonderful stories!
Kim Fugal

Very enthralling and energetic! A wonderful way to learn about important, historical women.
Kristen & Birgit (a mother and daughter)

Your presentation was fabulous! I have been to many of these Women’s History Observation events and I must admit, yours is the best! Thanks so much!
Colonel Manaois – 1st Filipina Graduate of West Point 1986 (a woman)

Fantastic! Great articulation, great emotion – Fun involvement, and a great choice for MWR (Moral, Welfare, Recreation) to obtain your ability.
Dee Dee L.

I loved your knowledge, enthusiasm and energy! How could someone not be motivated to think more about what it means to be a woman & all it entails. Thank you for a wonderful presentation!
I wanted to thank you for your performance on Sunday. It was such a wonderful Mother’s Day treat for me to take my girls to learn more about the history of the women’s movement in the United States. My youngest daughter in particular was inspired by your show (she wants to be an actress herself) and now she wants to learn more about Sojourner Truth.Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your work makes a difference. Thank you for all you do!
Kimberly Tso

The guest speaker/actress, Ms Amy Simon was a great one woman show and the event was a good example of “out of the box” presentation that fell in the goals of showcasing and putting forth a great message in line with Women’s History Month. Much better than just a guest speaker with a routine speech.
Ino Mereb, Chief, Admin Services, Fort Hunter Liggett