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For bookings: Jeannine Frank at Frank Entertainment
(310) 476-6735
(310) 308-0947

General Information

SHE’S HISTORY! is a multi-media solo play performed by Amy Simon. A slide show is run from the performing area through a laptop with a remote provided by SHE’S HISTORY!

Technical Requirements: A screen or wall space on which to project the images, as well as a media cart and/or a few tables for the projector, laptop, and a sound system (provided by SHE’S HISTORY!). The ability to plug into the venue’s projector and sound system is required for out of state and school shows. A few tables for minimal props (hats, scarves, flags) are also required.

FOR LARGER VENUES: A technical director and run-through are required. A wireless microphone (lavaliere) is also required.

Question and Answer session post-show if desired.

Specific details to be discussed.

Fee To Be Discussed