Oct 292012

October 2102 SHE’S HISTORY! BLOG

Quiet Woman, Stand In The Back…Let The Men Do The Talking!

This is what inspired Mary Wollstonecraft in the 1792 to write “A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman”.

Mary Wollstonecraft

This is what Lucretia Mott, the Nineteenth Century Quaker Minister, Abolitionist and Activist was told, when she asked to speak at an Anti-Slavery Meeting in Philadelphia. So she created the Philadelphia FEMALE Anti-Slavery Society so women could help free the slaves.

Lucretia Mott

As President of this organization, she got invited to the 1840 World Anti-Slavery Convention in London. When she and the other women tried to join the men on the floor, they were told; Quiet Woman, Stand In The Back…Let The Men Do The Talking. A vote was taken, by the men, and the women were relegated to an area BEHIND A CURTAIN.

This is what led Ms. Mott and her new BFF Elizabeth Cady Stanton – (unknown and unheralded architect of The Women’s Movement) to have the first Women’s Convention in1848 in Seneca Falls New York.

Quiet Woman, Stand In The Back…Let The Men Do The Talking!

This is what Susan B. Anthony – 1800s mega super-star-suffragist was told when she attended a Temperance (abstinence from alcohol) meeting in Rochester New York and tried to participate. So she started the Women’s New York State Temperance Society and spent the rest of her life fighting; for a voice in her government and a say in her life.

Susan B. Anthony

Quiet Woman, Stand In The Back…Let The Men Do The Talking!

“NO”, said Alice Paul and her gals pals, as they picketed in front of The White House in 1917 for the right to vote. They were arrested and literally thrown into jail….The Occoquan Workhouse. The Night Of Terror, November 15th 1917…

Alice Paul

Under orders from W. H. Whittaker, superintendent of the Occoquan Workhouse, as many as forty guards with clubs went on a rampage, brutalizing thirty-three jailed suffragists. They beat Lucy Burns, chained her hands to the cell bars above her head, and left her there for the night. They hurled Dora Lewis into a dark cell, smashed her head against an iron bed, and knocked her out cold. Her cellmate Alice Cosu, who believed Mrs. Lewis to be dead, suffered a heart attack. According to affidavits, other women were grabbed, dragged, beaten, choked, slammed, pinched, twisted, and kicked.

“No”, said long-time activist Anat Hoffman, on October 16th, 2012, when told to leave the Western Wall in Jerusalem for reading Torah and wearing a tallit (a religious shawl), which is against the law. She was arrested. This is what they did to her:

Anat Hoffman

“I was handcuffed, strip searched, laid on the bare floor. I was not allowed to call my lawyer. I was dragged on the floor with my hands cuffed and worse of all, locked in a tiny cell with a crying young Russian woman accused of prostitution, who was the target of every filthy comment male inmates could utter. Her tears and their words are the hardest memory for me to move on from.”

“No, I will not be silenced”, said Mulala Yousafzai, as she continued to speak out against the Taliban, defending her right to an education. October 9th, 2012, Mulala Yousafzai, a fourteen year old Pakistani girl, was sitting on her school bus when she was shot by the Taliban. She is miraculously recovering in a British hospital. Mulala is an activist who started blogging for the BBC at the age of ELEVEN about living under Taliban rule. She has won Pakistan’s National Peace Award – the country’s first, and has won the hearts of millions around the world. There are now almost a million signatures supporting Mulala’s Girls Right To Education Petition. Gordon Brown, the UN Special Envoy For Global Education, is presenting the petition to the President of Pakistan. The Taliban warned Mulala and any other female, they will do the same thing if stood up to.

“When she fell, Pakistan stood”, said Mulala’s father.

Mulala Yousafzai

No. we will NEVER be quiet and STAND in the back. Like our fore-sisters and our Anat’s and Mulala’s, we continue to STAND UP for what is right and fair.

As Mary Wollstonecraft said; “Strengthen the female mind by enlarging it, and there will be an end to blind obedience.”

You can add your signature to Mulala’s petition at educationenvoy.org.